MJR PharmJet won CPhI Pharma Awards 2017 in Excellence in Pharma: Manufacturing Technology and Equipment

8. November 2017

MJR PharmJet, a German company providing formulation development and manufacturing services for pharmaceuticals with a special focus on low soluble substances triumphed in the  'Manufacturing Technology and Equipment' category with the MicroJet Reactor Technology.


Established in 2004, the CPhI Pharma Awards are among the most prestigious recognitions within the pharmaceutical industry. These Awards celebrate visionaries and innovators breaking new ground and strongly advocates companies committed to driving the industry forward.


This year's awards attracted more than 200 entries in 19 categories. MJR PharmJet brought forward its MicroJet Reactor technology for the continuous synthesis of nanoparticles under GMP conditions winning the first prize in the 'Manufacturing Technology and Equipment' category, approving the value of the MicroJet Reactor Technology in technology transfer from lab scale to manufacturing scale in manufacturing of nanoparticles. This award underlines the innovative potential of MicroJet Reactor Technology, demonstrated through excellence of this technology and its ability to precisely control the particle characteristics such as particle size and homogeneity.


"We are delighted to be recognized by one of the most prestigious awards in pharmaceutical industry. It is a pleasure to receive this award on behalf of all MJR PharmJet employees who helped to bring the value of MicroJet Reactor technology forward. This award underlines the value of our core innovation for continuous synthesis in the high demanding GMP environment. Presentation of this award in the presence of key players in pharmaceutical sector and also our peers, once again increases our courage in shaping the new innovations." comments Dr. Emre Türeli Chief Executive Officer of MJR PharmJet. 


About MJR PharmJet:


MJR PharmJet is a member of Instillo group which is developing and exploiting microreactor technologies. MJR PharmJet has established a strong network and built up a competitive team offering their expert knowledge for a number of national and international companies in a trustworthy working environment. It is a fast-growing group with a wide range of pharmaceutical services from development through registration to commercialization which is realized by the companies MJR PharmJet GmbH and Quasaar GmbH. Quasaar takes over the GMP relevant aspects of drug and formulation development and brings the products forward in the path of commercialization. 


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